Tronxy Ultrabot SLA LCD

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Highlights SLA 3D Printer with 5.5 inch screen, printing size 4.65″(L) x 2.6″(W) x 7.08″(H) (118x66x180mm) . LCD 3D Printer come with Full color 2K touch screen and user-friendly interface. This LONGER Orange 10 supports offline printing by a TF card with loaded print file. Delicated 3D printing machine design with Full sheet metal + aluminum. Fast slicing – professional slicing software output 100M slicing file in one minute, 30 times faster than open source solution. Activated carbon air filtering system 2K resolution screen resolution Specification General Brand: Tronxy Type: 3D printer ​Operating System: Ultrabot Screen: 3.5 inch touch screen Print Size: 118x66x180mm Print Thickness : 0.01-0.1mm Print Principle : UV curing technology(LCD) Print Speed: 20mm/s XY DPI: X/Y -0.047mm 2K Z axis Accuracy: 0.0025mm Filament: Photosensitive Resin(405nm)​ Software Input Format: Ultrabot Output Format: STL,OBJ Connection: Cbddlp Connection Method: U dis​k Weight & Size Machine Size: 200x200x410mm Packing Size: 280x280x545mm Machine Weight: 7.25kg Packing Weight: 8.5kg Package Contents 1 x 3D printer 1 x User Manual

Tronxy Ultrabot SLA LCD 1540 PLN

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Tronxy Ultrabot SLA LCD
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